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  • Gerald Griffith, a farmer from March, dies of wounds at Messines in Belgium
  • 22 German Gotha G. IV bombers conduct a second daylight raid in Britain. Unable to bomb London due to bad weather they divert to the Thames Estuary, bombing a Royal Navy facility at Sheerness. killing 13 and injuring 34. British forces counter attack and manage to destroy one bomber.
  • British troops on the Western Front make a small advance south of the Souchez river, and begin to attack north of the river Scarpe
  • Italian forces withdraw further south of Jamiano on the Southern Front
  • The American collier USS Jupiter under the command of Lieutenant Kenneth Whiting arrives in Pauillac, France, the first US military unit to arrive in Europe
  • American men between the ages of 21 and 31 present for military conscription on the first day of registration under the Selective Service Act of 1917

Young men registering for military conscription, New York City, 5 June, 1917, Bain News Service. Image courtesy Library of Congress.