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  • Charles McMurtrie returns to Orange, having been invalided home from the war. Charles McMurtrie Arriving Tonight
  • The Leader reports that the display of war relics in the National Party Rooms in Orange raised £5 for Red Triangle Day. The display included a German helmet from the 77th Prussian Guard and a “British infantry intrenching tool used on Gallipoli, with peninsula mud still adhering”. Red Triangle Day – War Trophies
  • George Denis Chapman sends a news from El Arish to his family in Spring Hill. He says that they keep fit by playing football and that “big things will be doing on this front shortly, and we’ll soon be in Palestine”. Soldiers in the Desert – Regimental Football
  • George’s brother, Benjamin Barnett Chapman, who has just celebrated his 19th birthday in Palestine also sends news about the First Battle of Gaza: “The bombardment by our artillery was terrific, and a number of monitors, standing out to sea, tore Abdul’s trenches about a lot more than he expected.The Front Line in Sinai
  • The Southern Cross Tobacco Fund advises that “it is the duty of every man and woman at home to see to it that there is a plentiful supply [of cigarettes for soldiers]. For just one shilling the Fund (authorised by the State War Council) will keep a soldier in tobacco for one week. Dreaming of a Fag

    Image courtesy Forbes Times