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  • Single men between 21 and 35 years of age are urged to report to the Drill Hall for home defence training. Today’s The Day
  • The Southern Cross Tobacco Fund urges the people of Orange to donate to their fund to supply troops at the front with tobacco. They claim: “a cigarette or pipe of tobacco buck up the men wonderfully” and that troops “would rather have a smoke than a meal”. Tobacco For The Troops
  • Wet weather postpones Allied operations on the Somme
  • The Romanian Second Army retreats, evacuating Fogaras in Transylvania
  • Romanian troops make progress in in the Dobrudja province
  • Allied forces reach Kenali, just ten miles from Monastir
  • British troops advance towards Seres on the Struma
  • British transport ship HMS Franconia is torpedoed without warning and sunk in the Mediterranean Sea off Malta. Twelve of her 314 crew are lost; HMHS Dover Castle rescues the survivors.
  • French merchant cruiser Gallia is torpedoed in the Mediterranean near San Pietro Island, Italy. Gallia sinks with the loss of 1,338 of the approximately 2,000 people on board.



  • Jonathan Swift says:

    Is all ok I have not been able to see any entry since the 4th of October. I love this site and find the entries refreshing. It is a change having broader perspectives.