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  • Frederick Conroy dies of wounds in France
  • John James McMurtrie is killed in action in France
  • The American ship SS Housatonic, transporting a cargo of wheat from Galveston to Liverpool, is detained by the German submarine U-53 off the Cornish coast. German Kapit√§nleutnant, Hans Rose, charges the captain of the Housatonic with “carrying food supplies to the enemy of my country” and orders the crew to abandon ship. The submarine then launches a single torpedo and sinks the grain ship.
  • President of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson severs diplomatic relations with Germany. German ambassador to the United States, Count Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff, is ordered to leave the country and US Ambassador to Germany, James Watson Gerard, is recalled from Berlin. US Breaks Diplomatic Relations With Germany
  • British troops on the Western Front advance their line .5 km along a kilometre long front to the east of Beaucourt, north of the Ancre River. They repulse counter attacks and capture more than 100 prisoners.
  • British troops launch an attack on the Senussi stronghold Siwa Oasis in West Egypt

The ancient town of Shali in the Siwa Oasis, 2008. Image courtesy Heksamarre.