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  • The Leader publishes William Garvey’s last letter before being killed in action in France on 3 January. William thanks Orange bookmaker, Reuben Clayton, for the pair of socks he sent over and says that he is about to spend his third Christmas away from home. Pte Garvey’s Last Letter
  • Reginald Nancarrow is singled out for “gallant and meritorious conduct” when he disposes of a live grenade. Lieut. Nancarrow’s Gallant Act
  • Treasurer of the Commonwealth, Alexander Poynton, urges Australian to “link patriotism with profit” by investing in the fourth Commonwealth Loan Scheme. Subscribe To The War Loan
  • German troops on the Eastern Front launch several attacks near the Kalutsem high road, west of Riga. The attacks are repulsed.
  • Russian warships sink 18 small Turkish vessels off the Anatolian coast
  • British airmen bomb Bruges harbour in Belgium
  • Lord Davenport appeals to Britons for food economy
  • Dame Meriel Talbot forms the Women’s Land Army on behalf of the British government

Women’s Land Army recruiting poster, 1917. Image in public domain.