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3 April 1916

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  • German Zeppelins L-11 and L-17 plan a raid on London, but are prevented by strong headwinds. They head to the north Norfolk coast where they drop several bombs, none of which inflict injury or damage.
  • General Jan Christiaan Smuts orders General Jacob Louis Van Deventer to march the 1,200 strong South African Mounted Brigade from Arusha to to Kondai Irangi, 150 miles away. German East Africa – World War 1 Colonial Warfare
  • German submarine U-33 opens fire on the Russian minesweeper T-233 near Surmene Bay in the Black Sea. T-233 catches fire and is destroyed by U-33‘s deck gun
  • French forces in the Battle of Verdun reoccupy the western sector of Vaux village
  • German forces are repulsed at Uxkull near the River Dvina in modern-day Latvia
  • The Greek Government refuses overland access to Serbian troops to travel from Corfu to Salonika