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Publisher: Over Seas Club. Image courtesy Museums Victoria.

  • Orange residents take to the streets in driving rain to celebrate Empire Day. Ald Adolphus Frederic Stanford addresses the crowd from the Town Hall balcony, sympathising with those who have lost loved ones. He declares: “though deeply regretting such losses, they must feel proud of their actions instead of being shirkers and coldfooters“. Empire Day in Orange
  • The Rev Canon Taylor addresses Orange High School students, assuring them that: “Many dark days are ahead, but the cause of justice must eventually prevail.” At The High School
  • The British Royal Navy introduces the new convoy system, whereby all merchant ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean are to travel in groups under the protection of the British navy. The British Naval Convoy System Introduced
  • The French government requests that the United States supply 5,000 pilots, 50,000 mechanics and 4,500 aircraft for the Allies’ war effort by the spring of 1918
  • French forces on the Western Front gain territory around Craonne
  • Italian troops on the Southern Front gain ground in southern Carso as Austrian counter-attacks fail