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The destroyed railway bridge at Asluj, Palestine, Richard Henry Dawson, May 1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Day 1030 of the war
  • Members of the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) engage in bombing raids on the railway line linking Auja el Hafir and Asluj in Palestine
  • St John’s Presbyterian Church in Orange hosts a Gift Night for members of their congregation serving at the front. Remembering the Soldiers
  • The Land Board convenes at Orange Court House to hear evidence concerning the acquisition of four local properties for returned soldiers to operate orchards. Land for Soldiers
  • Miss McKenna of Forest Reefs organises a euchre party to raise funds for returned soldiers. Returned Soldiers’ Fund
  • French Marshal Joseph Joffre and former French Prime Minister Rene Viviani return to France from the United States. The Viviani-Joffre Mission aimed to determine the scope of cooperation between American and Allied forces following America’s entry into the war on 6 April.
  • Allied forces on the Western Front repulse a German attack on Vauclere Plateau near Craonne