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Gotha IV bomber in flight. Image in public domain.

  • Four members of the Australian Army Nursing Service, Sisters Dorothy Cawood, Clara Deacon and Alice Ross-King and Staff Nurse Mary Jane Derrer rescue patients trapped in a burning Casualty Clearing Station at Trois Arbes in Franc. They are awarded Military Medals “for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire“. These are the first bravery awards won by Australian nurses; a total of eight Military Medals were awarded to nurses during WWI.
  • German Gotha bombers conduct a raid on the east coast of England over Felixstowe and Harwich. Thirteen people are killed and 26 injured
  • Russian troops on the Eastern Front penetrate German defences near Vilna, taking 1,000 prisoners
  • Siam declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary