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The wreck of SMS Seeadler, Allan C Green. Image courtesy State Library of Victoria.

  • Day 1100 of the war
  • The German raider SMS Seeadler runs aground on a reef off the island of Mopelia in French Polynesia. Captain Felix von Luckner and five crewmembers sail for Fiji, where they are taken prisoner of war. The 58 remaining crew later capture the French schooner Lutece and sail to Easter Island where they were interned by Chilean authorities.
  • 3,000 employees at Eveleigh Railway Workshop 1,100 tramway workers in Sydney down tools in protest against new war-time working conditions. The Great Strike, as it would become known, would spread to the waterfront, Broken Hill and South Australia, becoming one of Australia‚Äôs largest industrial conflicts in the early 20th century.
  • Russian generals Aleksei Brusilov and Radko Dmitriev resign. General Lavr Georgiyevich Kornilov is appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Russian armies.