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1 August 1917

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  • Arnold Cassin Caldwell, a draughtsman with the Land Board Office in Orange, sends an update from the Western Front. With the Engineers

We are still having beautiful weather, and the country is beginning to look beautiful. The trees are a bright green, and looking across the fields are just wavy stretches of color, buttercups and dandelions make them look like fields of gold, with poppies, daisies, forgetmenots, and a host of other flowers interspersed. But across them all run the long snake like entanglements, the smashed trenches, the thousand shell holes, and here and. there a little wooden cross of some soldier, Allied or German which speak silently by eloquently of the struggle which has passed over these selfsame fields of yellow.

I got out of the scrap with eight bomb wounds in both legs, two broken fingers, a thumb, and a third finger, and I must say I am very lucky to have them now, as they were severely gashed about, one only hanging by a thread.

  • Stuart Town welcomes home John Vincent and Edward Dunn from the war. Stuart Town
  • Heavy rain begins to falls across the Ypres battlefield. It endures for almost the whole month, preventing any progress
  • Pope Benedict XV makes another appeal for peace. Pope Benedict XV’s Peace Proposal