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17 May 1916

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  • Day 645 of the war
  • The Leader reports that 300 wounded Australians have arrived in England from France, a sure sign that severe fighting has taken place. Wounded Australians in London
  • To date The Leader Acre Fund has raised £93 in support of wounded soldiers from the district
  • Austrian troops capture Monte Maggio and Cima di Campulozzo in northern Italy
  • The House of Commons passes the Daylight Saving Bill. British Summer Time is introduced as a temporary measure during the war as a way of conserving energy and providing more usable hours of daylight. It is estimated that the adoption of daylight savings will save £2,500,000 in light alone. British Summer Time commences on 21 May 1916 when all watches and clocks are forwarded by one hour.
  • Roy Sylvester White sends the following poem from Egypt to his mother in Orange

The New Devil

Here lies the body of Kaiser Bill,
The murder merchant and prince of all.
Where he is, or how he fares,
Nobody knows and nobody cares.
If he has gone to the realm of love I heartily pity those above.
If he has gone to the lower level,
My sympathies go to the poor devil.

Gone from the cares of office,
Gone from the head of affairs,
Gone in the head they tell us—
Gone, and nobody cares.
Gone, not to join the angels,
Gone to reflect on the past;
Gone, let us trust for ever,
Wilhelm’s gone at last.

Said Satan ”This place is as full as can be,”
But a place he has certainly won;
So let Ananias and Judas go free.
To admit the modern hun.
But the devil soon found he’d made a great sell,
For Wilhelm’s corrupted the morals in hell;
To flout all their treaties, their thoughts he directed
No matter how much Old Nick objected;
Till at last said old Nick, with a sigh and a groan,
“To a far greater devil I turn up my throne.”