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10 July 1915

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  • Day 340 of the war
  • New South Wales Premier William Holman announces that 2,000,000 acres of land in the state will be made available for soldiers returning from the war: “men who risk their lives in the service of the Empire.” Land for Returned Soldiers
  • The Leader publishes the 50th casualty list which lists Lce Cpl S. Dean (Orange) as wounded. This is presumably Stanley Thomas Deans, a signaller who was at Quinn’s Post on the morning of 29 May when a mine exploded nearby. He would spend a month in hospital in Malta followed by several months in the Western General Hospital in Manchester, before being invalided home later in the year with his “nerves completely shattered”.
  • The Leader appeals:

Men and women of Orange, your husbands, sons and brothers are calling you from the ravines of Gallipoli Peninsula. If you cannot send reinforcements to relieve them give of your money, so that when they arrive home, bleeding and wounded, they may see how grateful their country has been to them.