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New recruits were required to record their occupation when completing attestation papers. The occupations recorded by service men from Orange are predominantly rural ones. They include Farmer, Drover, Grazier, Orchardist, Nurseryman, Stockman, Horse trainer, Stationhand, Jackaroo, Shearer and Fencer.

The Railway features prominently as an employer. Many men recorded occupations such as Railway worker, Railway employee, Engine driver, Shunter, Porter, Carter and Locomotive fireman.

Building and other trades are also popular, including Builder, Plasterer, Carpenter, Blind maker, Labourer, Blacksmith’s striker, Miner, Mechanic, Marine engineer, Rubber worker, Bootmaker and Book binder.

Retail trades include Butcher, Baker, Grocer, Shop assistant, Packer, Storeman, Boot buyer, Cordial maker, Bookkeeper, Clerk

Health professions include Medical Practitioner, Dentist, Chemist, Optician, Nurse and Masseuse.

Other professions mentioned are: Police constable, Fireman, Telegraphist, Draughtsman, Hairdresser, Motor driver, Jockey, School teacher, Singing teacher and Musician.