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Service Men and Women

William Murray

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William Murray was clearly unsuited to military life, he was charged with being absent without leave and drunk on two occasions and deserted twice from the AIF.

Born in Goulburn in about 1888, William was working as a labourer in Orange when he enlisted in April 1916.

William proceeded to Dubbo training camp but less than six weeks later was fined £1 for breaking out of camp, being absent without leave and for drunkenness.

On 15 June 1916 William was transferred to Liverpool camp. On 8 July he was admitted to Milson Island hospital where he was treated for gonorrhoea; he was released from hospital on 29 July.

Just three days later, on 1 August 1916, William was apprehended in Haymarket and taken to Central Police Station where he was charged with being drunk and absent without leave.

Whilst in camp William’s efforts in musketry training ranged from satisfactory to inefficient and failure.

On 28 September William failed to return from final leave, and a warrant for his apprehension was issued on 4 November.

It appears that William re-enlisted on 5 February 1918, only to desert Liverpool camp on 30 April 1918.

No details are known of William’s post-war life.