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9 June 1918

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  • Mrs Florence Nicol unveils a new honour roll at the Millthorpe Methodist Church in honour of her son, Lancelot Douglas Nicol, who was killed in action in France. Unveiling Honor Roll
  • Germany launches Operation Gneisenau, the last of four attacks in the Spring Offensive aiming to break the deadlock on the Western Front. The operation begins with the Battle of Matz, with German forces attacking over a 37 km front along the Matz River and advancing 14 km despite fierce French and American resistance. The objective is to draw Allied reserves south, widen the German salient and link up with the German salient at Amiens. Fighting continues for three days and results in 35,000 Allied and 30,000 German casualties.

A German MG 08 machine gun section advancing to take up new positions in the ruins of a house on the Montdidier-Noyon sector of the front during Operation Gneisenau, June 1918. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 55349).