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Francis Moad. Image courtesy Kerrie Nicholls.

Francis Moad. Image courtesy Kerrie Nicholls.

  • Day 835 of the war
  • Francis Cornwall Moad dies of wounds in France
  • The Leader reports the death in France of Wolaroi school master Walter William Erickson. Died For His Country
  • Family and friends of William Holmes gather to wish him well on the eve of his departure for overseas service. A Send-off
  • John Sullivan is found guilty in Orange Courthouse of throwing an egg at former Prime Minister JC Watson during his conscription rally in Orange on 24 October 1916. Sullivan is fined £2 and ordered to pay court costs. Anti-Conscriptionists in Court
  • Allied forces repulse further German attacks at Sailly-Saillisel on the Somme
  • German submarine SM UB-49 torpedoes and sinks US cargo ship SS Columbian in the Atlantic Ocean 50 nautical miles north west of Cape Ortegal, Spain. Her crew survive.