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  • Day 1045 of the war
  • Miners are urged to present to Lieutenant Linklater at the Orange drill hall to enlist as tunnellers for the Miners’ Corps
  • Walter Arthur Horace Higman is killed in the Battle of Messines
  • Alfred George Carter, an engine fitter from Orange, is to be invalided home from the war, having sustained an arm and shoulder injury. Personal
  • Mayor of Orange, Ald ET McNeilly appeals to the people of Orange to donate to the Soldiers’ Memorial Fund for the erection of a monument to the district’s war dead. Soldiers’ Memorial for Orange
  • Nurse Gladys Boon arrives in Orange to spend a day’s final leave with her family prior to sailing for the front. Personal
  • Allied forces repulse German counter-attacks east of Messines ridge
  • Italian forces occupy Janina in Greece