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8 February 1918

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  • Day 1290 of the war
  • The Rev Samuel Martin Johnstone of Parramatta forwards a book of religious poetry to John Douglass Sandison’s mother Ellenor. The Reverend was inspired to create the book after reading a letter that John had written just ten days before his death in the 2nd Battle of Bullecourt. Songs in the Night

I was back in France. I don’t know what the birds think of the war, I am sure, but whatever they think they sing every chance they get, so I am taking a pattern from them. Some distance back I had noticed where one little bird had built its nest in a tall, shell shattered tree, which was quite dead from the knocking about it had received—the best place she could find to nest in. When I saw her she was sitting at the gaunt tree looking at her nest. I could guess what she was thinking of, but still she managed to break into a bit of a song. It wasn’t must of a one, but still it was the best she could do, and she did it — so I suppose we had all better carry on in the same way.

  • Francis David Roy White sends a letter to his mother at Mullion Creek confessing:

This is my third Christmas away from home and by jove it seems a long time since I left Australia … I’m getting quite old now — on the way for my 21st birthday.