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7 March 1916

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  • William Robert Mulholland enlists, William is commemorated on the Centenary of WWI in Orange Honour Roll; he would be killed in action in Belgium on 20 September 1917.
  • German forces capture Hills 360 and 265, and Fresnes, south-east of Verdun
  • Germany launches an artillery bombardment south-west of Dahlen Island on the River Dvina in modern-day Latvia
  • Russian forces capture Cola in Persia and Rize in Turkey
  • General Smuts advances on Kilimanjaro in German East Africa
  • Billy Hughes, Prime Minister of Australia, arrives in England. His trip to England is ostensibly for discussions on the intentions of Japan in the Pacific, but while there he urges the application of greater economic pressure on Germany and argues for greater Australian involvement in determining the conduct of the war. Hughes spends three months in Europe and visits Australian troops in France.