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  • The Leader reports that Nurse Nellie Leake has been awarded the Royal Red Cross medal for meritorious service. Personal
  • Private Samuel Payne from Newcastle becomes the first Australian prisoner of war from Germany to be exchanged. Wounded during the Battle of Fleurbaix, Payne was captured by German soldiers and transported to Douai in northern France, where the lower part of his injured leg was amputated. He says he was generally treated well and that his only unpleasant experience was being spat whilst in hospital. An Australian Prisoner From Germany
  • After sunset, under the cover of darkness, mounted units of the Desert Column of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force ride out of El Arish in preparation to attack the Ottoman Army garrison on the Sinai-Palestine border.
  • Prince Nikolai Dmitriyevich Golitsyn succeeds Alexander Fyodorovitch Trepov as Prime Minister of Russia

Prince Nikolai Dmitriyevich Golitsyn, 1912. Image in public domain.