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6 October 1915

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  • Mrs HJ Elder of Anson Street invites her friends to fundraiser for soldiers at the front. They donate 58 tins of tobacco, eight packets of cigarettes and 46 cakes of soap. For the Soldiers
  • Trooper Keith McClymont of Stuart Town writes from Egypt, describing his eagerness to participate in “the stern work of battle”. He describes the plight of the horses that were brought from Australia and concludes: “any reading matter would be welcome in our camp – perhaps more so than the knitted socks we hear so much about, but never see. I think I will advertise in the Orange papers for reading matter.” From the Front
  • Austria-Hungary launches its third and final invasion of Serbia
  • Alexandros Zaimis is appointed the new Greek Prime Minister, replacing Eleftherios Venizelos
  • King Constantine I of Greece assures Britain that Greece will remain neutral, but Greek mobilisation and Allied disembarkation at Salonika will proceed