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I feel I must write and thank somebody, so I do so to you…I rather like the name Joyce. ‘Tis a ripping name for a girl!… I shall be very delighted to hear from you it you care to write, and to hear all about you. I should also like to receive a photo from you.” He adds: “(I hope you don’t think I’m too cheeky!).” The Xmas Parcels – A Soldier’s Thanks

  • William Edwin Agland, former Assistant Town Clerk in Orange, and the son of Orange mayor, WE Agland, writes from Lark Hill, England, to express his disgust at the “No” result in last October’s conscription referendum. He declares that those who oppose conscription:

should be over here, up to their bellies in mud and slush and fighting for freedom, instead of waltzing up and down Summer-street, making eyes at the pretty girls. An Australian on the Antis

  • Orange musician and father, William Topman Waddington, is farewelled at the Royal Hotel before he boards the train to Sydney. Off to the Front – Pte W Waddington Farewelled
  • German soldiers on the Western Front launch attacks at Pont-a-Mousson and the Australian-held Bouchavesnes; both attacks are repulsed with heavy casualties
  • Allied soldiers close in on Bapaume Ridge
  • Russian troops occupy Kangavar, south of Hamadan in Western Persia
  • Turkish troops abandon their positions west of Shalal on the Sinai Peninsula
  • The British government approves the creation of a National War Museum in London

Stone Bridge ten miles north of Kangavar, Ariel Varges. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 25056).