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A view of the countryside near Noreuil, in France, from a house occupied by 5th Australian Brigade Headquarters, April 1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Cumnock famer, Frederick Daniel Grimson, dies of disease in France
  • 120 troops of the Australian 49th Battalion launch a pre-dawn attack on German positions at the railway cutting west of Noreuil. They capture the German post, but sustain 53 casualties in the process. The remaining 67 men find themselves isolated, but manage to hold their position until the 52nd Battalion arrives 24 hours later.
  • Allied troops on the Western Front liberate a further three villages between Cambral and St Quentin
  • The German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line is completed
  • The British Government informs the Russian Provisional Government of their adherence to the principle of an independent and united Poland