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Villers-Bretonneux after the German bombardment of 4 April 1918. Two days earlier there had been no sign of war, however “by the end of Thursday, 4 April 1918, it was a most horrible ruin, a revolting sight of torn and gutted houses and littered streets, littered too with dead here and there among the splintered glass”.

  • Day 1345 of the war
  • The German Spring Offensive continues in the Somme district of northern France. Fifteen divisions attempt to capture the village of Villers-Bretonneux, paving the way for an artillery attack on the nearby transport and communications centre of Amiens. They are repulsed by men of the 9th Brigade from the 3rd Australian Division. Later in the day the Australian 36th Battalion charges. Supported by British infantry and cavalry, they force the German line back two kilometres. Germany makes repeated attempts to penetrate the Allied defence but does not succeed.