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  • Mary Reddan of Byng Street receives a letter of thanks from British soldier Eric Pryor for a hooded scarf he received whilst recovering in hospital in Bombay. A Soldier’s Thanks
  • The Leader calls for a “searching inquiry to be instituted” to discover the fate of parcels sent to soldiers at the front but not received. Mrs Elizabeth White, of Mullion Creek, sends a parcel every fortnight to her son, Roy, who is serving with the 6th Australian Light Horse Brigade in Egypt, yet, to date, Roy has received just one parcel. Soldier’s Parcels
  • British soldiers on the Western Front have captured 1,228 German prisoners, including 27 officers, during January
  • German forces on the Eastern Front launch three night attacks east of Jakobeny; all three attacks are repulsed with heavy loss
  • The German government announces the renewal of unrestricted submarine warfare in the Atlantic from 1 February. Claiming that the Red Cross is being misused, Germany declares hospital ships will no longer be tolerated, nor will civilian vessels. Germany Resumes Submarine Warfare