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  • Following a week of hearings concerning the acquisition of four Cargo Road properties for returned soldiers the Orange Land Board decides not to pursue the proposal. Land for Soldiers
  • Roy Sylvester White of the Australian Light Horse writes to his family at Mullion Creek to say that he is in “lovely country” just 40 miles (64 km) from Jerusalem. Nearing the Holy City
  • Residents of Emu Swamp raise £5/12 to help soldiers at the front. It is decided to purchase wool for schoolchildren to knit socks for soldiers. Patriotic Effort at Emu Swamp
  • Members of the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) in Palestine attack Abu Hareira, but their Martinsydes aircraft are no match for the German Fokker Scouts, which conduct daily bombing raids

Abu Hareira, Palestine. Captured German photograph of enemy cavalry c1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.