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  • The Leader reports the death in France of Harold Ernest Whitmee. Another Orange Soldier Killed
  • Canobolas farmer, Charles Campbell, describes his work as a company signaller on the Western Front and the method of trench warfare. Weapons Used In The Trenches
  • Agnes McConnell of Dalton Street, Orange, receives a letter from her brother, Charles Cornelius McConnell, describing the voyage to the front, dodging mines in the Mediterranean and the incessant shelling in the Western Front. Soldiers’ Letters – An Orange Soldier’s Travels
  • Corporal Jack Brewer of Molong describes the mud and abject destruction on the Somme. A Tribute To His Mates
  • The people of Orange donate a further 1,200 lbs (544 kilos) of jam to the Red Cross for soldiers overseas. Orange Red Cross Society
  • William Patteson of the Australian Field Artillery Brigade writes home to say that he has been serving the on the Somme for three months without a break. Soldiers’ Letters – The Pattison Brothers
  • British soldiers on the Western Front advance towards Cambrai, taking eight villages
  • French troops recapture lost trenches in eastern Champagne
  • The Russian Provisional Government issues a proclamation acknowledging the independence of Poland
  • The British hospital ship Gloucester Castle is torpedoed in the English Channel between Le Havre and Southampton. The vessel is towed ashore with no loss of life.
  • Germany has suffered 500,000 losses between 1 July 1916 and 30 March 1917; the Allies, 650,000
  • The British press reports that US president Woodrow Wilson has adopted a go slow policy in regard to the war, and should be more reactive to the continued German torpedoing of American vessels. To President Wilson

You have sat on the fence for two years and a half,
Which from motives flnancial’s discreet,
You have prattled of right
And you’ve ta’en a delight,
ln telling the world you are too proud to fight,
Which is merely the Yank for “cold feet.”

You do not imagine that now you can start?
To dictate to us what we should do,
We will finish the Hun
With the bayonet and gun,
And you jolly well mind your own business my son,
We’re a little bit fed up with you.