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General Alexei Polivanov. Image in public domain.

General Alexei Polivanov. Image in public domain.

  • Tsar Nicholas II succumbs to pressure from pressure from the Empress and Rasputin and dismisses Russian War Minister General Alexei Andreyevich Polivanov. Polivanov is replaced by Quartermaster General Dmitry Savelich Shuvaev, who is generally perceived as ineffective. The Allies see Polivanov’s dismissal as a major blow to the Russian war effort.
  • The Inter-Allied War Conference in Paris winds up. Representatives from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia and Serbia declare their unity on military, economic and diplomatic affairs and agree that they will not conclude a separate treaty with any of the Central Powers.
  • Allied forces repulse a German attack on the Haucourt-Malancourt front in the Battle of Verdun
  • Russian torpedo-boats sink ten Turkish ships and destroy an ammunition depot on the Anatolian coast of the Black Sea
  • The Russian army gains ground north of Bojan in Galicia