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A Canadian Army officer shows a German Army cartridge belt to King George V. The group is standing in a former German trench on Vimy Ridge captured by the Canadians in April 1917. King George is placing a souvenir cartridge in his pocket. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Day 1005 of the war
  • British forces on the Western Front continue to advance east of Vimy and capture Arleux
  • French troops advance towards Suippe valley in Champagne
  • Lieutenant Clarence Crase Thomas becomes the first US Naval Officer killed in World War I when German submarine U-21 torpedoes the American tanker SS Vacuum 190 kms west of the Hebrides Islands in northern Scotland. The force of the blast throws the crew into the ocean and the tanker sinks within two minutes. Picked up by a passing boat, Thomas soon died of cold and exposure. Thomas was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross “for distinguished service in the line of his profession as commander of the armed guard crew of the … Vacuum.”
  • The United States Congress passes the Army Bill paving the way for conscription