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  • The Mayor, WE Bouffler, and the Model Band welcome home 19 year old Arthur Albert Connors of East Orange. Personal
  • Elizabeth Bult of Store Creek receives news concerning her son Arthur’s death in Egypt. The Late Lance Cpl Bult
  • Richard Hartas of West Orange receives the welcome news that his son George is alive and well in France, and was not killed in action as previously reported. Alive and Well
  • During the past two years the people of Cudal have donated the following items for soldiers at the front: 1,533 pairs of socks, 1,364 shirts, 891 pairs of pants, 773 mufflers, 730 fly veils, 452 kit bags and 44 pairs of mittens. Cudal War Chest
  • The Leader reports that Lewis Ponds footballer, “Burly” Wright “has fallen in the big scrummage in Europe”. Burly Wright’s Last Game