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  • A recruitment drive is held across the state to secure volunteers for the Sportsmen’s Reinforcements Unit. The Leader induces the young men of Orange to enlist. Not only do volunteers get the chance to see the world, Australian soldiers are the best paid in the Empire and in two years can save £180. The Original Anzacs
  • The Leader reports that John William Stabback has been awarded the Military Medal conspicuous gallantry in the field
  • The Millthorpe branch of the Red Cross sends a consignment of goods to Sydney for soldiers serving overseas. The shipment includes flannelette shirts, socks, gloves and eye bandages. Red Cross League
  • Captain Robert Alexander Little, an Australian serving in the Royal Naval Air Service, shoots down his fifteenth enemy aircraft over France. By the end of the war Little would be credited with a tally of 47 aerial victories, making him the most successful Australian ace of WWI.