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27 February 1916

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  • Day 565 of the war
  • Australian pilot Cedric Waters Hill of the Royal Flying Corps bombs the water reservoir at Bir el Hassana on the Sinai Peninsula. He would later be mentioned in dispatches for this feat
  • Having completed their conquest of Serbia and Montenegro, the Austro-Hungarian army seizes the city of Durazzo in Albania. Durazzo remained under Austro-Hungarian control until the conclusion of the war. Austrians occupy Durazzo
  • Russian forces occupy Kermanshah in Persia
  • Arab forces occupy the oases at Farafra and Dakhla in Egypt
  • 155 people perish as the P&O liner Maloja strikes a mine and sinks in the English Channel two nautical miles south west of Dover. The Canadian freighter Empress of Fort William attempts to render assistance, but also strikes a mine, forcing the crew to escape in lifeboats.