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27 February 1915

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  • The patriotic war fund in Orange stands at £2790
  • Allied operations in the Dardanelles are hindered by bad weather
  • The Leader publishes the poem “It’s a Long Way from Dear Australia

See us march along in order,
Step in time not slow,
Heads erect and eyes attention.
Watch us as we go.
We are off to slay the Kaiser.
And be sure ’tis true,
When the time has come for action
What we say we’ll do!

It’s a long way from Australia,
It’s a long way to go,
It’s a long way from Australia,
‘Tis the brightest spot we know.
Farewell to our loved ones;
Good bye homeland fair.
It’s a long way from Australia,
But our hearts are there.

We are leaving home and kindred,
Sweethearts, mothers, wives.
For the motherland is calling,
We don’t grudge our lives,
We would rid the world, of tyrants,
Purify the air,
By the downfall of the Germans;
Wait till we get there.

In the trench and in the open,
‘Mid the battle’s roar,
Think of your brave soldier laddies, 
You may see no more;
Pray for us that we may conquer,
Though the fight be long,
God is still the God of Justice,
He will right the wrong.