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The French battleship Gaulois. Image courtesy Grosser Bilderatlas des Weltkrieges, Hermann Konsbruck, 1915.

  • The Leader reports that James Griffin is missing in action in France. Personal
  • The Leader reports that 22 year old Herbert Vincent McGrath of Cudal has been killed in action in France. Personal
  • Organiser of the Foresters’ Boxing night fundraiser, Mr AT Caldwell, expresses his disappointment at the poor attendance, declaring: “It appeared as though the people of Orange had forgotten that there were any local boys at the front.” For The Soldiers
  • The German submarine SM UB-47 torpedoes the French battleship Gaulois in the Aegean Sea off the southern coast of Greece. The explosion kills two crewmen and another two drown as they attempt to abandon ship. The ship capsizes 22 minutes after being hit and sinks 14 minutes later.
  • The British and French governments agree on the temporary administration of Togoland – the German protectorate is divided into separate British and French administrative zones
  • Allied air raids continue on the Western Front; the French bomb German industrial works in Rhineland