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  • Day 625 of the war
  • Captain Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and two other British officers meet in secret with Turkish General Kahlil Pasha in a last ditch attempt to negotiate the escape of British troops under siege at Kut-al-Amara in Mesopotamia. British attempt to bargain with Turks over Kut
  • German forces launch the first of two cloud gas attacks on British troops south of Hulluch in northern France. The attack results in 550 British casualties.
  • Russian forces continue to gain ground in the Bitlis region of eastern Turkey
  • British forces occupy Moghara Oasis, 145km south-west of Alexandria
  • Britain imposes martial law throughout Ireland in an attempt to¬†quell the Easter Rising
  • British battleship HMS Russell strikes two German mines as she leaves Malta Grand Harbour for Cattaro. 126 sailors die; 625 are rescued.
HMS Russell. Image courtesy Library of Congress.

HMS Russell. Image courtesy Library of Congress.