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  • The Orange Red Cross Society sends clothing and magazines to Sydney for local boys at the front. Red Cross Society
  • 91 men from Orange have presented for enlistment so far this year. 69 were successful; 22 were declared unfit. Recruiting – Enlistments for Orange
  • The Leader reports that the government will subsidise operations for men that are found to be unfit for military service due to minor ailment. Men With Minor Defects
  • Australian forces battle for control and eventually recapture the village of Lagnicourt in northern France from German forces. Captain Percy Herbert Cherry is awarded the Victoria Cross
  • The First Battle of Gaza is fought. This is the first of three Allied attempts to capture the main Turkish offensive position 32 kilometres inside the border of Palestine. The Allied strength includes two Australian Light Horse Brigades and the ANZAC Mounted Division under Major General Sir Harry Chauvel.

Ottoman officers who successfully defended Gaza during the first battle, 26 March 1917. Image courtesy American Colony Jerusalem.