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25 August 1916

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  • Day 760 of the war
  • Friends of William Henry Collins gather at Borenore to wish him well on the eve of his departure for overseas service. Borenore
  • The Leader reports that over £100 was raised for soldiers during yesterday’s Wattle Day celebrations in Orange. Wattle Day
  • Leslie Cousins writes home and says that the continual bombardments send a shiver down his back. A Shiver In Your Back
  • French forces repulse German attacks south of Thiepval
  • British warships bombard the forts of Kavalla in Greece
  • Russian forces cross the Danube into the Dobrudja to assist the Romanian forces

          ANZACS BRAVE
They are waiting on the hillside,
Still and stained with battle foam,
For the dawn and the coming
Of the boats to take them home.

Ah! What few years lie behind them,
Yet their lives were full and true;
And the noble deeds that bind them
Bind our Homelands closer, too.

In the shadows, on the hillside,
By blue waters they would rest
After storm winds, peace and calmness,
Alter battle, sleep is best.