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24 July 1916

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  • The struggle for Pozieres continues. German troops make unsuccessful counterattacks at Bois des Foureaux (High Wood) and Guillemont. In two days of fighting the British-led offensive has advanced almost 5kms along a 10km front.
  • Sergeant Archie Barwick of the 1st Battalion describes the Battle of Pozieres:

All day long the ground rocked and swayed backwards and forwards from the concussion . . . men were driven stark staring mad and more than one of them rushed out of the trench over towards the Germans, any amount of them could be seen crying and sobbing like children their nerves completely gone . . . we were nearly all in a state of silliness and half dazed but still the Australians refused to give ground.

  • The people of Lucknow gather at the School of Arts Hall to welcome home Robert William Newman from active service. Soldier Welcomed Home
  • William Davidson writes home to say that he is “getting ready and [is] very anxious for the final flutter with Mr. Turk” and that he should be home by Christmas. I’ll be Back for Xmas