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  • Orange bornĀ William Henry Bright dies of disease in France
  • German troops continue their retreat on the Western Front, evacuating the villages of Serre, Miraumont, Petit Miraumont, Pys and Warlencourt
  • British forces in Mesopotamia consolidate their position, capturing all remaining enemy positions between Kut-al-Amara and Sannaiyat, and taking 1,730 prisoners. British gunboats pursue Turkish commander Karabekir Bey and his troops along the Tigris River towards Baghdad. Outrunning their counterparts on the ground, the crew of the British ships find themselves under fire from four Turkish vessels some 30 kilometres north of Kut at Nahr-al-Kalek. The British soundly defeat the Turks in the ensuing gun battle, destroying three of the Turkish ships and capturing the fourth, the former British monitor ship Firefly.

HMS Firefly. Image courtesy Naval-History.Net.