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23 June 1915

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ANZAC support trenches at Braund's Hill, Gallipoli, 1915. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

ANZAC support trenches at Braund’s Hill, Gallipoli, 1915. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Orders are issued for the construction of extensive new terraces on the hillsides above North Beach at Braund’s Hill, Gallipoli, to accommodate reinforcements for the proposed August offensive
  • Alfred Leslie Northey enlists. Alfred is commemorated on the Centenary of WWI in Orange Honour Roll; he would die of wounds in Belgium on 22 September 1917.
  • Norman Osborn Herbert Gall visits Orange to farewell friends and family before leaving for the front. Private Norman Gall
  • Dr Arthur Edmund Colvin embarks for the front. Departure of Dr Colvin
  • Eight bathers at Anzac Cove are struck by Turkish shell-fire
  • The First Battle of the Isonzo begins as Italian troops, aiming to reach Trieste, attack Austro-Hungarians defences in north-eastern Italy. Initial gains by the Italians are rapidly repulsed by the Austrians with heavy casualties on both sides. Operations continue until 7 July. This is the first of twelve Battles of the Isonzo fought during the course of the war.