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Ottoman troops at Katia. Image courtesy Library of Congress.

Ottoman troops at Katia. Image courtesy Library of Congress.

  • Ottoman Forces under the command of German General Kress von Kressenstein attack British forces stationed at Katia oasis in the Sinai, 40 km east of the Suez Canal. The 5th Mounted Brigade sustains 500 casualties; the Ottoman force withdraws to the east. The Sinai Campaign
  • British naval aeroplanes raid the German aerodrome at Mariakerke near Ostend in Belgium
  • Major General Charles Townshend cables Commander-in-Chief of British and Indian Forces in Mesopotamia, General Sir Percy Lake, from the besieged garrison at Kut-al-Amara proposing that that a substantial bribe be offered to the Turks to allow a retreat to Basra. He says:

The Turks have no money to pay for my force in captivity. The force would all perish from weakness or be shot by the Arabs if they had to march to Baghdad, and the Turks have no ships to carry us there. Let the parole be given, not to fight the Turks only. During negotiations no doubt the Turks would permit of your sending up ships with food. The men will be so weak in 3 or 4 days’ time that they will be incapable of all exertion, and the stenches in Kut are such that I am afraid pestilence may break out any time. Money might easily settle the question of getting us off without parole being given and it would be a great thing…Your decisions must reach me if you act quickly. It would take me three days to destroy the guns and ammo which I should have to do before I came away if you negotiate.

Prisoners of the Turks