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I have just returned from a visit to the battlefields where the glorious valour and dash of the Australian troops saved Amiens and forced back the legions of the enemy. Filled with greater admiration than ever for these glorious men, and more convinced than ever that it is the duty of their fellow-citizens to keep these magnificent battalions up to their full strength.

Sir Joseph Cook, Minister for the Navy (and Hughes’ deputy), adds:

Royal Australian Navy is magnificently bearing its part in the great struggle. Spirit of sailors and soldiers alike is beyond praise. Recent hard fighting brilliantly successful but makes reinforcements imperative. Australia hardly realises the wonderful reputation which our men have won. Every effort being constantly made here to dispose of Australia’s surplus products.

The groundbreaking message is sent from a long wave radio station in Caernarvon, Wales, to the Wahroonga house of Ernest Fisk, a Marconi wireless engineer and chairman of AWA. Previously, all telegraphic communication between Australia and overseas had been via underwater cables