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  • Great Britain, France, Italy, the United States of America, Romania, and Switzerland formerly recognise the new Provisional Government in Russia. British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, sends a telegram to Russian Prime Minister Lvov, declaring:

There is most profound satisfaction in Great Britain and the overseas Dominions that Russia stands with the nations which base their institutions on responsible government…We believe that the revolution…will be the greatest service yet performed for the Allied cause. There is [no] doubt that the revolution will result in the establishment of a stable constitutional Government, which will strengthen Russia in the resolve to prosecute the war until the last stronghold of tyranny has been destroyed and all free people will unite to attain in the future fraternity and peace.

  • British troops meet with increased enemy resistance from west of St Quentin to south of Arras, amid heavy snow storms on the Western Front
  • French forces progress north of Tergnier and Soissons, despite stiffening defence. Film of German damage to French property, during the retreat to the Hindenburg Line, March 1917
  • Russians retake lost trenches near Lida on the Eastern Front
  • The German raider Moewe returns to her home port of Kiel following her second cruise in the Atlantic, having sunk 111,000 tons of British shipping

German auxiliary cruiser SMS Moewe, South Atlantic Ocean, 1916. Image courtesy