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Star Theatre

  • The proprietor of the Star Theatre in Orange holds a fundraiser for “proper camp comforts” for local soldiers stationed at camp in Dubbo. The evening’s entertainment features live music and “a specially selected programme of all star films.” Helping our Soldiers
  • Lions wreak havoc at a British outpost in German East Africa, killing 40 sheep and goats intended to feed the troops. Lions in the Trenches
  • Russian soldiers near Lake Naroch rescue 300 casualties from the frozen lake. The thaw resumes, turning the battlefield again to mud and slush.
  • German soldiers gain a footing on Haucourt Knoll, south-west of Malancourt in the Battle of Verdun
  • Anglo-Egyptian forces under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Philip James Vandeleur Kelly occupy Jebel el Hella in the Sultanate of Darfur