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22 June 1917

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  • Annie and William Patteson of Lords Place receive letters from their sons George and William, who recently bumped into each other on the Western Front. William complains that the last shipment of mail from home was lost when the SS Mongolia was torpedoed:

This is very bad news for us, as the mail days are looked forward to with interest, more than anything else. We would sooner miss pay day than lose our mail.

A piece of shell took a liking to half one side of my nose, and took it straight off. It was the right side of my nose and top lip that got hit. It is nothing serious. About eight weeks in this hospital will do me the world of good.

  • The Leader publishes the 312th Casualty List
  • The Orange branch of the Red Cross Society donates £100 to help soldiers at the front. From Orange for France
  • French troops on the Western Front lose ground south-east of Filain and Germany launches a heavy attack on the Chemin des Dames front