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  • Day 910 of the war
  • A photograph of Orange’s first VC winner, John Patrick Hamilton, is displayed at the Empires and Monarch’s Theatre. Orange Boy’s VC
  • Orange bandsman, William Eyles, pays tribute to former Deputy Town Clerk and Orange Town Band bandmaster, Herbert “Rocky” Rockliff, killed in action in July 1916. The Late Bert Rockliff
  • The Leader ponders the accuracy of the term “Anzac Nurses”, and compares the physical attributes of Australian and English women
  • Bulgarian troops on the Eastern Front cross the southern arm of the Danube River near Tulcea
  • The Orange Red Cross Society appeals for fruit and sugar to make jam for soldiers fighting overseas. Jam, they say, is in more demand than clothing, and they have pledged to supply 500lbs (227 kilos). Home Made Jam For Soldiers