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21 January 1916

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  • The British relief force for Kut-al-Amara launches an attack on Turkish positions at Um-el-Hanna, 23 miles from Kut-al-Amara. The Brits are overcome by the atrocious weather and the mud; their operation fails. They sustain 2,800 casualties, compared to the Turks’ 500.
  •  The Dutch cargo vessel Apollo strikes a mine from the German submarine SM UC-10 in the North Sea. The Apollo sinks one nautical mile south west of the Galloper Bank Lightship; three people perish.
  • The Leader urges the men of Orange to enlist. They Say

Enlist to-morrow
Not the day after.
Don’t marry to dodge your duty.
That means hiding behind your wife’s skirts.
Find your manhood to-morrow, and be strong and sincere.
Posterity and civilisation will bless you for your good work.