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21 December 1917

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  • Counting continues in the second conscription referendum. To date 5,214 people in the Calare electorate have voted YES; and 11,711 NO. The Referendum
  • William James McFarlane sends home a long letter from Southern General Hospital in Devonport. He describes in detail the Battle of Menin Road Ridge (where he was almost buried in mud) as well as the attack that killed five of his fellow soldiers and saw him evacuated to hospital in England. A Soldier’s Letter
  • The Leader reports that English military authorities, seeing no imminent end to the war, are to place contracts for a further 16 million yards (14.6 million metres) of khaki for soldier’s uniforms. 16,000,000 Yards of Khaki
  • Total Australian war casualties to date number 228,913. This figure includes 40,851 dead, 1,900 missing and 3,028 taken prisoner of war. Latest Casualty List