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Image coutesy Australian War Memorial

Image coutesy Australian War Memorial

  • Day 320 of the war
  • The Leader continues to publish recruitment propaganda, such as the poem Get Into Khaki, You!

Hear from Gallipoli bugles their call,
Get into khaki, you;
In liberty’s ranks there is room for you all,
Room and a need for you, too.
Fellows who fought, and will never come back
Have given a lead on the Dardanelles track;
Would you like ’em to think you are timid or slack?
Get into khaki, you!

What is the lesson the war stories teach?
Get into khaki, you!
Me and the canon we stand here and preach-
That’s what we’re paid to do—
But somebody’s got to be saying it plain,
And saying it over and over again,
To keep hammering on with the urgent refrain:
Get into khaki, you!

If old England’s to weather the heaviest gale
That ever the ship has been through,
She must call up her sailors and crew on the sail—
Get into khaki, you!

This isn’t a time to be careful and trim,
When the nations are poised on Catastrophe’s rim:
It’s nose to the breakers, and sink her or swim—
A bunch of our fellows are getting it hot
From the Turk and his barbarous crew;
They are facing the music, and others are not—
Get into khaki, you!

Now, me and the canon ain’t nowt afraid
Of finding short weight when Australia is weighed,
But the quicker you give it, the better you aid—
Get into khaki, you!